Meet The Reps



"Hi everyone! I’m Madelynn, I am 8 months old and have been repping for Raenbows for 3 months now! We love all the different designs and styles, they are so unique from any other brand. We love that we can support a local business and help a mama with her dream ❤️ the frenchie bows are one of our favorites, but we can’t wait to see the bells we just ordered for fall 🎃👻 one thing we know for sure the quality of Raenbows is the BEST!"


"Hi y’all ! I am Adalyn i am 1 year old and i have been a Raenbow rep for almost a year ! Me and mommy love everything about this sweet local business! We absolutely love how we can get custom outfits & bows ! Feliza the owner goes above and beyond to make sure all of the products are perfect ! Adalyn10 can save you at checkout"
"Hi, my name is Olivia but, everyone calls me Livie. I have been a rep almost a year and, Raenbows is our favorite small business to support. The quality is the absolute best and, Feliza always goes above and beyond. We love all things Raenbows but, we especially love customs, piggies and, the knot bow."
"Hey everyone ! I'm Elowen, I'm almost two years old and have been repping for Raenbows for about 3 months ! We learned about Raenbows from our best friend ! I love wearing all of my pretty bows and custom outfits ! I can't pick one favorite because I LOVE.It.ALL . Each style is so cute in it's own way and I get so many compliments when I wear it ! Feliza makes amazing products and we are so lucky to be able to rep them for all to see and enjoy ❤️ You will never be disappointed with a purchase from this sweet shop ! My mommy says we are life time shoppers at Raenbows !" Be sure to use Elowen10 at checkout to save 
"Hello everyone, I’m Olivia! I have been repping for Raenbows for over a year and love picking out my bows everyday to match my outfits! We have gotten every kind of product Raenbows offers and love everything! The bows from here are the only ones we wear! The outfits are always great quality and we love that we can customize them to something you won’t see on someone else! We love Raenbows and love telling others how much we love the products as well! We also love Feliza, and can’t say enough about how amazing and talented she is, we love supporting her business and helping her shop grow! Olivia10 saves at checkout! ❤️❤️"
"Hi everyone, I’m Delilah! I have been repping Raenbows since the very beginning! I love picking out bows daily to match my outfits!! It started at birth and has practically become part of my identity. We have had every single style of bow & clothing piece Raenbows has to offer and we love them all, as well as the quality of each piece! The customer service is unmatched, along with insanely fast shipping! Feliza pours her heart & soul into this small business (that’s quickly growing) and it shows through in every order! 💗
Code DELILAH10 saves you at checkout!"
“Hi! My name is Rayna! I just started repping Raenbows, but I love getting dressed up with my bows. They’re so soft and comfortable on my bald head! They also sell clothes! I love everything I’ve gotten. I can’t wait to see what you will pick out, I know it’ll look perfect on you.”
"Hello I’m Braylyn I’ve been a rep for almost a year now, my mama puts bows on me everyday, sometimes I pull them down and they end up like a bow tie! Hahaha mama doesn’t think that’s funny, anyways my mommy loves all the customs she gets to order and the great quality of the bows and clothes, our favorite bow is the wrap bow! Ps customer service is great and fast! Braylyn10 to save ❤️❤️❤️❤️"